Sinus Surgery

In some cases, sinus surgery may be necessary to achieve lasting relief from chronic medical problems. Our skilled, compassionate ENT surgeons have extensive experience in treating a wide variety of sinus problems utilizing the latest technological innovations.

The sinuses are tiny, intricate passageways connecting a system of hollow cavities in the skull. The sinuses are located:

  • Above the eyes (frontal sinuses)
  • Between the eyes (ethmoid sinuses)
  • Behind the nasal cavity (sphenoid sinuses)
  • In the cheekbones (maxillary sinuses—the largest sinuses)

The sinuses are lined with a pink tissue, similar to the type of tissue that lines the inside of the cheeks. When this sinus tissue is irritated by seasonal allergies, infections, viruses, or other problems, it may swell, making it difficult for the sinuses to drain. In addition, structural problems with the tiny bones lining the sinus passages may also cause drainage problems.

The Raleigh Capitol Sinus & Allergy Center offers several different types of sinus surgery, including: