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External Sinus Surgery

Today, the vast majority of sinus surgeries are performed using an endoscopic technique. This means that surgeons use tiny scopes and instruments inserted through the patient’s nostrils to remove diseased tissue and open sinuses. This enables the surgeon to operate without making any external incisions. However, there are select cases in which external incisions are useful and more effective. These older techniques are collectively referred to as external sinus surgery techniques.

External sinus surgery may be needed when:

  • An endoscopic approach may not be enough to fix the problem
  • A case is more complex
  • A patient may have severe inflammatory disease
  • A patient has severe infections or nosebleeds
  • A patient has experienced facial trauma
  • Sinus tumors are present

Depending on which sinus issue needs to be addressed, the incision may be made underneath the lip, hidden around the nose or eye, or hidden in the hair on the scalp. Usually, bone is removed to access the sinus, and once the surgery is complete, the incision is carefully closed to minimize scarring.

At the Raleigh Capitol Sinus & Allergy Center, our experienced surgeons will thoroughly evaluate your case and discuss the range of treatment options with you. We will use the latest techniques to safely and effectively perform your surgery. For an appointment contact us.