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Revision Nasal Surgery

Nasal surgery is performed for a variety of reasons These reasons include:

  • Improving a patient’s ability to breathe
  • Enhancing the appearance of the nose
  • To improve both appearance and nasal function

In the majority of cases, nasal surgery results in easier breathing, enhanced appearance, and a dramatic improvement in the quality of life. However, in a small percentage of cases, the desired outcome is not ultimately achieved. In some cases, the surgery performed may not have been adequate, resulting in a persistently deviated nasal septum or persistent turbinate hypertrophy. In other cases, the surgeon may not have addressed the cause of the problem, such as adenoid hypertrophy, chronic sinusitis, a nasal polyp, or nasal valve collapse. Finally, some cases may not be able to be corrected with surgery, especially if there are underlying medical conditions, such as allergies, that have not been adequately treated.

In some cases, revision nasal surgery may be needed to correct the underlying problem. However, significant scar tissue and structural changes that have occurred from past nasal operations can make revision surgery very challenging. Therefore, our experienced nasal surgeons will carefully evaluate your nasal condition and discuss treatment options with you. All of our physicians are affiliated with Raleigh Capitol Ear, Nose & Throat. After a thorough evaluation, we can recommend both medical and revision surgical options with a tailored treatment plan.

If you have had nasal surgery in the past, and are still having problems, we would be happy to evaluate you and help you achieve the result you desire. For an appointment contact us.