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Revision Sinus Surgery

Endoscopic sinus surgery is a common procedure that is usually performed for patients with chronic sinusitis. Chronic sinusitis can dramatically affect a patient’s quality of life. Ninety percent of patients who have undergone sinus surgery report a significant improvement in the quality of their lives after surgery.

However, for some patients, sinus surgery may not have achieved the desired results. There are many reasons that sinus surgery may not have been successful, some of these reasons include:

  • Severe chronic sinusitis. Some forms of sinusitis are more difficult to treat than others.
  • Development of scar tissue
  • Inadequate tissue removal
  • Inadequate sinus drainage (often caused by inadequate tissue removal or development of scar tissue)

In these cases, recent studies have shown that, when performed properly, revision sinus surgery can be very effective in treating symptoms and improving the quality of life .This type of surgery involves removing inflamed tissue that was left behind from the previous surgery, with the goal of opening all of the sinuses as wide as possible.

Proper postoperative care means scar tissue can be minimized. As a result, topical medications will be more effective because the obstructing scar tissue has been removed.

At the Raleigh Capitol Sinus and Allergy Center, our experienced surgeons are affiliated with Raleigh Capitol Ear, Nose & Throat. These professionals will promptly evaluate your sinus problem and determine why you may still be having problems despite previous sinus surgery.

Both medical and surgical treatment options can be discussed, and if it is determined that you may benefit from revision sinus surgery, our surgeons will use the latest techniques to safely correct the problem and restore health to your sinuses.